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“Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury”

Anne Mucha, PT, DPT, MS, NCS

Coordinator of Vestibular Rehabilitation Sports Concussion Clinic & Centers for Rehab Services University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

April 21st – 22nd, 2018 Stonewall Resort, Roanoke, WV

12 Hour CE Course*

*Courses offered by WVPTA are automatically approved for CE units by the WV Board of Physical Therapy. Approval of this course does not necessarily imply that the WV Board of Physical Therapy supports the views of the presenter or sponsor. WVPTA is a pre-approved provider per Section 40.67 of the Pennsylvania Regulations. WVPTA is a pre-approved provider as a Component member of the APTA. Approval by the Ohio Physical Therapy Association is pending.

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Course Description

The CDC has determined that concussion is a high priority public health initiative, due to high prevalence and potentially serious long-term consequences that may arise from incomplete recovery and improper management. Most physical therapists, regardless of specialty (sports, orthopedic, neurologic, geriatric, pediatric, federal, acute care, etc.), are likely to encounter patients with concussion in their clinical practice.

Despite its designation as a mild traumatic brain injury, approximately 20% of patients with concussion may not experience a quick recovery, resulting in significant disruption to the performance of work, school and life roles. The role of the physical therapist as a member of the team managing concussion is integral, due to the frequency of cervical, vestibular, oculomotor and return to activity needs encountered by these patients.

This course will review the current information with respect to pathophysiology, epidemiology and biomechanics of concussion, along with pertinent evidence regarding diagnosis and negative outcome following this injury. A proposed framework for classification following concussion will be discussed, along with screening, evaluation and management strategies to influence the course of recovery following concussion.

Speaker Biography

Anne Mucha is the Coordinator of Vestibular Rehabilitation for the UPMC Sports Concussion Clinic and Centers for Rehab Services.

She is a board certified clinical specialist in Neurologic Physical Therapy and has advanced certification in vestibular rehabilitation. With over 20 years in treating individuals with neurologic conditions, she is also actively involved in clinical research related to the evaluation and management of patients following concussion.

Dr. Mucha serves as a member of the CDC panel of experts to develop clinical guidelines for diagnosis and management of mild traumatic brain injury among children and adolescents. She received her Bachelor’s and Advanced Master’s degrees in Physical Therapy from the University of Pittsburgh; and her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Temple University.

Dr. Mucha is a national and international lecturer on topics related to concussion and is an adjunct faculty member in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh.

Conference Learning Objectives

  • Describe the pathophysiology and epidemiology of concussion

  • Discuss the latest research and guidelines related to concussion

  • Describe factors that contribute to prognosis and outcome following concussion

  • Identify common abnormal findings following concussion and potential interventions

  • Identify methods for screening vestibular and ocular motor function

  • Describe considerations for recovery following concussion

  • Discuss the importance of a team approach in the effective management of individuals with concussion and

    the role of physical therapists on the treatment team

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