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The mission of the West Virginia Physical Therapy Association is to advance excellence in the physical therapy profession through education, research, service and advocacy, for the engagement of its members and the public.

There's never been a more important time to be a member. Your membership benefits your career as well as your profession — an invaluable investment that will pay dividends throughout your future.

Becoming a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant is just the beginning. Consider the following career development opportunities.

ptdosWe want you!!!

The PTDOS is the brainchild of Efosa Guobadia  who thought of the idea while serving in Peru in 2015 (see the full story here) as a means of inspiring and connecting our profession and our communities on a global scale.  He then reached out to friends and colleagues and the Global PTDOS was born!

We want to challenge all of the PTs, PTAs and students in WV to participate in this global movement.  We know that as physical therapy providers in WV, you are leaders in your communities and many of you already serve your neighbors in a variety of ways.  This is a chance for us to join forces and serve “together” for the betterment of our communities and subsequently the great state of WV! 


If October 15, 2016 is not a good day for you, no worries!  You can serve any day that week and still have it count as part of the PTDOS.  Pledge to participate through the PTDOS website so that your work can be linked to that which will be occurring all over the globe – how cool is that? 

And the activity that you choose is just that – YOUR CHOICE!  Plan it around whatever your community needs or what your talents allow.  Provide health screenings, pick up trash at the skate park or walking trail, serve meals at your local homeless shelter, do a group exercise class at a senior center or church…the list is endless.  And it doesn’t have to be all day, it can be just an hour or two – whatever you feel called to do!  

The WVPTA would love to hear what you are planning and what you do.  Post your activities on the Facebook page so that others in your area can join in with you.  Take photos; get quotes from those who serve with you (and even those you are serving!).  Post your work on Facebook or Twitter so that we can share! 

And send your photos to so that we can put them on our website!  Let’s celebrate all that PTs do for the health of our communities!!!

So, WVPTA, let’s do this!!  Let’s make the PTDOS another great WV tradition!

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