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This task force is led by the National Consortium of Clinical Education (NCCE), a consortium of the American Council Academic Physical Therapy (ACAPT) and is chaired by Peggy Gleeson.

The purpose of this Task Force is to explore current practices and perceptions regarding the use of Pre-Admission Observation Hours, and to make recommendations to the ACAPT Board and membership

As a part of the project, we have developed a survey instrument to disseminate to various stakeholders, including DPT Program admissions committee members, Directors of Clinical Education, students and recent graduates, and clinicians. This last stakeholder group which includes clinicians, managers, clinic owners and clinic directors will provide a perspective on the pre-admission observation hours requirement as it is experienced from the clinical side, and would be highly valuable in this exploratory research. 

This research has received Institutional Review Board approval from Texas Woman’s University in Houston.

Our goal is to gather data from clinicians with a wide range of experiences and clinical responsibilities, such as board-certified specialists, fellows/residents, clinical instructors/mentors, SCCEs, clinic owners/directors, and so on. We would kindly like to ask for your help in achieving this goal. 

Clinical (CIs, SCCEs)

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