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Front row, left to right:  D. Scott Davis, PT, MS, EdD, OCS- WVU; Mark Karnoupakis, SPT- WVU; Laura Foster SPT-WVU, Carol Waggy, PT, PhD, CHT- WVU; Vanessa Schmid SPT-WVU, Elise McClintic, SPT–WVU;  Carrie James SPT-WVU; Emily Paff SPT-WVU, Caitlin Beam, SPT-WJU; Laura Stephens SPT-WVU, Sheryl Holt, PT, MS- WJU; Jenna Snyder SPT-WVU, Tiffany Satzer SPT-WVU, Julia Castleberry, MS-PT, DPT – Radford University;
Back row, left to right:  Ben Adkins, SPT- WVU; Jeremy Whiteman SPT-WVU; Ryan Santangelo SPT-WVU;  Allen Marangoni, PT-EdD, MMSc- WJU; Julian Spraggins SPT-WVU; Carrie Abraham, PT, DPT, MPH- WJU; Renee Saffell, SPT-WVU;  Joshua Arbaugh SPT-WVU; Jamie Simpson SPT-WVU; Sara Harvey SPT-WVU; Aaron Copeland SPT-WVU; Kimeran Evans PT, DPT - WVU

The West Virginia Physical Therapy Association is proud of the success of the first peer reviewed poster session at the Spring Conference this year.  The Research Committee established an application process and guidelines and worked closely with the association webmaster to upgrade the website to accept submissions.  The Committee in addition to faculty volunteers from WVU Physical Therapy Department participated in a blinded abstract review process.  Of the 19 posters submitted, all met acceptance criteria.  The posters were on display all day Saturday, and poster authors were present Saturday morning during an extended break for a question and answer session with conference attendees. 


  1. Conference Attendees listen to featured speaker, Mark DeCarlo’s morning session
  2. WVPTA Board Members in attendance on April 27, 2012 Board Meeting
  3. WVPTA incoming President, Eric Tarr, PT, DPT, OCS, MBA and Nancy Tonkin, Executive Director present our out-going President, Lori Lovern, PT, OCS,  a plaque at the Membership Meeting at the Stonewall Resort on April 28, 2012
  4. Pictured are the 19 Poster Abstract Winners who presented their research during a half hour Session at conference on Saturday, April 28, 2012

Policy keeps changing on reimbursement for physical therapy services…lower rates, increased hassle factor in getting paid and increased cost-sharing with patients.  The WVPTA is working to improve the outcomes of the myriad of changes but the physical therapists and other office support staff needs to help patients understand the problems and engage them in data gathering and writing to the decision-makers.
The WVPTA has developed a Tool Kit for patients and physical therapists to use to advocate with the insurance industry and the WV Insurance Commissioner.  Resource articles, background information, sample letters and a survey are available.  The WVPTA encourages PT practices to utilize this information and set of tools.

High insurance copayments have made physical therapy too expensive for some patients.

Now PTs and patients are fighting back.

By Chris Hayhurst March 2012

Meryl Cadel just wants help. "What can you do for me?" she asks. "What can you do?" Cadel, age 59, has chronic back pain. Today, she says, cringing as she speaks, the pain is especially bad. But that's not her problem—or at least not the one that she's asking about.

Should a physical therapy session cost a patient as much as a visit to a neurosurgeon or other specialist?

Therapists think not.

They are backing proposals in several states to limit the amount insurers can require patients to pay for physical, occupational or speech therapy. Legislation is pending in Pennsylvania, Missouri and New York. Lawmakers in South Dakota and Kentucky have already passed

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